What People Say About Us

Each patient at Taiwan Adventist Hospital has a story to tell. They have a unique perspective on how our services meet their particular requirements and needs. Here are just a few of their experiences:

The Sepncer’s from Papuna New Guinea

Being a mother-to-be is arguably one of the hardest jobs there is. Add to it to giving birth in a place where there is a different culture and a different language, and the job becomes even tougher.

Ms. Spencer, a mother of two young girls, tried to make the decision whether to give birth to her baby in the US near her husband’s parents or in Taiwan where she was born over three decades ago. What made her decide to fly over 2,500 miles from Papuna New Guinea to Taiwan and chose Taiwan Adventist Hospital to have her third child delivered? Here is what Ms. Spencer has to say:

Why TAH ?

I was born at TAH in 1980. My parents were missionaries with the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church. My dad was principal of Taipei Adventist American School from 1980-1991. My family had such a wonderful experience in Taiwan that in 2009, my parents returned to Taiwan to work with Taipei Adventist American School again.

We are missionaries in Papua New Guinea where my husband is a pilot for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The health care in PNG is quite lacking and we didn’t want to give birth to our baby there. My parents invited us to come to Taiwan to give birth to our third baby. I was excited to spend time with my family and experience the place where I had grown up again.

We contacted TAH because we are SDA and I was born there. However, I did look on quite a few chat websites to hear about reactions of other expats after giving birth in Taiwan. All the feedback was positive and the mothers that had given birth at TAH highly recommended it. We liked that it had a NICU as well.

Help When You Need It

My father, David Robinson, contacted TAH about my interest in giving birth there. Sabrina Wang immediately emailed me. She was extremely helpful and prompt in answering all my questions. She had to translate all the prices and explain them to me. When I had questions for the doctor, she would ask the doctor and get back to me quickly with the answers. Ms. Wang even helped me to find out about a 60 day visa and sent me the required paperwork to successfully acquire the visa. She corresponded with my insurance to work out the payment details. Our first two babies were born in the US, so my husband was unsure about giving birth in another country. However, after the professional and kind correspondence of Ms. Wang who answered our many questions, we were assured that TAH would be a safe and comfortable place to give birth.

Comfort, Care and Convenience

Ms. Wang was very fast to respond to questions and go out of her way to find out visa info and documents. We were also very impressed with the attentiveness of the staff in the hospital, and also at the amount of care from Dr. Ling.

Dr. Ling was great about answering all my questions. I was amazed that she was on hand during most of the birthing process and checked on my frequently. This was not the case with the doctors in America for my last 2 births. She never seemed to be far away in the hospital and checked in with us often. The pediatrician even came back to the hospital on a holiday to do the circumcision for us.

The Priority Care Center (PCC) has been amazing with accommodating all my needs and even working my sick girls in to see doctors quickly. Appointments were easy to make and the staff at the PCC are very friendly and they spoke excellent English. The PCC was clean and we never waited long to see the doctors.

The nurses did their best to make us comfortable and help when needed during my admission. They responded quickly when I pushed the bell.

As you can see from The Spencer Family’s experience, TAH is there to help you feel at home, cared for, and well-attended to during this very special time of a mother’s life. Please consider TAH when you are planning your family. Calling us well in advance ensures a place on our schedule, and will allow you to feel comfortable and able to focus on your new child.