Making Appointments

TAH will not provide outpatient clinic and exam service on March 29, May 31, August 30 and November 29 afternoon. Please note the Friday afternoon clinic on these four days will be off ( inpatient, emergency room and dialysis center are excluded )


If you were not a citizen of the Republic of China (Taiwan), or a foreigner without the resident certificate , your medical bill will be charged as the standard fee schedule in the International Priority Care Center (IPCC). See more details

IPCC Service hours:Mon. to Fri. (8 AM-12 PM & 1 PM-5 PM) and Sun. (8 AM- 12 PM.)



月曜日~金曜日: 08:00am~12:00pm ; 13:00pm~17:00pm

日曜日: 08:00 am~12:00pm