Mission, Vision and Value

We follow the spirit of Jesus Christ in providing holistic care.

To achieve the highest patient satisfaction and to be the leader of preventive medicine.


Hospital Core Values
The following are principles that define the meaning of each value within this hospital, so we can integrate these core values into our daily operation and relate to each other.

  1. Sincere = Honest, trust worthy, reliable and can be counted on as a professional.
  2. Compassionate = Caring, benevolent in our approach to patient/family/coworkers.
  3. Friendly = Nice, treating everyone like a close friend or family.
  4. Cheerful = Happy, smiles all the time, enjoy our work; focus on being pleasant in every interaction with others.
  5. Proactive = Thinking or plan ahead, innovative, open and flexible to change, be self-critical and always try to improve.
  6. Conscientious = Concentrate and diligent in our work, follow hospital policies, protocol, rules, being ethical and loyal to the hospital.
  7. Efficient = Do not waste any resources, time, supplies, energy, and money; carry out our duties with proficiency, competency and accuracy.
  8. Excellent = Doing the right thing all the time, always look to improve and excel in what we do to ensure safe and quality patient care.

Milestone of TAH

Taiwan Adventist Hospital (TAH) is the best choice hospital for Taiwan and International Patients. Taiwan Adventist Hospital was established in 1955. We have more than 60 years of experience in caring foreign and local patients. With our Christian mission and our founding father Dr. Harry W. Miller who came from the United States, we have solid foundation in serving multicultural and multilingual medical care since the opening of this hospital.

We are sensitive to how the anxiety and helplessness travelers may feel when they encounter illness or seeking medical care while they are away from their own countries. We have set up a Priority Care Center since 1989. This is a clinic that provides multilingual services in particular English and Japanese. There is no appointment required and minimal waiting to see a doctor or a specialist. If admission is required we also have private rooms with multilingual staff to provide care. We serve healthy and tasty vegetarian meals so there are no concerns of your diet restriction or preferences of no meat, beef or pork.

A Message from the President

In order to offer comprehensive physical and mental health service, we make continuously improvement in our treatment. We consider it as our duty to deliver our care with compassion, sincerity, enthusiasm and efficiency. We want our patients/family members’ medical care experience to be very positive and feel our employees are fulfilling our core values in the way we deliver care to our patients/family. Our vision is to go beyond just treating symptoms and ailments but to focus on preventive medicine, health promotion through healthy living.

In our continuous effort of health care quality, we achieved Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation in 2015. JCI is a U.S. based international accreditation organization that has accredited 100 plus countries around the world. JCI accreditation is an important milestone for us. The preparation of JCI accreditation of having to meet 1300 measurable elements, gave us more confidence in our continuous health quality improvement efforts and able to earn the right being internationally recognized and comparable to other JCI accredited hospitals around the world. We are committed to maintain compliance as we continue the journey of quality improvement and safe care.

TAH is a Christian faith based hospital and we make every effort to provide medical service that people can trust in a comfortable, warm and caring environment.

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms, and compliments that we receive. Please write to our services email services@tahsda.org.tw for your comments. We welcome any suggestions, positive or negative feedbacks.

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Global Healthcare System

Taiwan Adventist Hospital (TAH), established in 1955, is one of over 170 healthcare institutions operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in a worldwide missionary system. TAH invested a large amount of resources and constantly to enhance medical quality for ensuring that patients are getting the best and safe care with ultimate safety.

Taiwan Adventist Hospital is committed to fulfill the mission: “To follow the spirit of Jesus and provide holistic care.” We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide high quality health care to the public.