Department of Internal Medicine

Under the Dept. of Medicine there are the Nephrology, Cardiopulmonary, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Hematology and Infectious Disease Divisions.


Patients with hepatitis B and C are treated in separate areas, and effective monitoring are taken to prevent infection. Our highly professional nurses possess plentiful clinical dialysis experience and are expert in the use of needles. Patients' vascular conditions and state of dialysis are checked regularly, allowing us to give them appropriate assistance and health education. The hospital has been designated a hemodialysis nurse training hospital by the Taiwan Society of Nephrology, not only provides all-round kidney disease treatment but also offers consulting services. The hospital has been preparing for the establishment of a Peritoneal Dialysis Room providing another treatment option in addition to hemodialysis. When the time comes, uremic patients will be able to select the dialysis method best suited to their individual conditions.


Respiratory therapy includes treatment of acute/chronic thoracic diseases, pre- and post-surgical assessment, training, and recovery, as well as respiratory care for sick children and auxiliary breathing assistance. Cardiopulmonary function tests include heart echo, exercise electrocardiogram, and lung function test, etc. These tests allow reliable diagnoses of cardiopulmonary diseases.


The Gastrointestinal Center provides advanced endoscopic and abdominal ultrasonography examinations, and also can give patients painless examinations under anesthesia. Further, patients can opt for the capsule endoscopy service; this is a non-invasive, mobile intestinal tract photographic diagnostic system which providing even more precise and comfortable examinations.

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