General Questions

Q In Taiwan, is it possible to make a reservation of a bed in advance of bearing?
A: It's not a practice for hospitals in Taiwan to predict numbers of room availability and/or to book a bed prior the baby is delivered. As long as there's a need, we will always do our best to get a room for our patient. However, it is possible to book a room at our Postpartum Nursing Home beforehand, which it's the nursing home after the baby is born.
Q Do you provide direct billing services?
A: Yes, our hospital has joined the provider network with over 40 international leading insurance companies providing efficient direct billing service. If you are a member of our contracted insurance companies, please notify us and/or your insurance company when scheduling an appointment in order that we can make necessary coverage verification and preparation before your arrival.
Q Where is Taiwan Adventist Hospital? How can I reach there?
A: Our address is No. 424, Section 2, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.
  1. From MRT (Blue Line) Zhongxiao Dunhua Station Exit No. 4, take bus 521 to TAH
  2. Appreximately a 15-minute walk from MRT (Brown Line) Nanjing East Road Station
Q I am a foreigner in Taipei and I will get the National Health Insurance (NHI) soon. I wanted to see if you accept it? And if so what does it cover? Annual physical check-up, illness etc?
A: Yes, we do accept NHI. The NHI doesn't cover for annual health checks. However, NHI does provide free check-up for very basic urine and blood tests once every 3 years for insured age is between 40-64 and once every year for those over age 65. There's also copayment and sometimes there will be self-pay items. However, as patients' conditions vary, the estimated cost is simply for reference. The exact charges can't be confirmed until the final bill is generated until you pay at our cashier.
Q How & where can I take an allergy test (or blood test)? Is it covered by the National Health Insurance? How long does it take to have the results?
A: You can get allergy test (or blood test) done in our hospital. However, a doctor appointment is still needed as you would have to obtain the laboratory order for the test from the doctor. The result will take about 5-7 days to come out. The National Health Insurance Card will cover as long as the test is medical necessity.
Q I'm only able to speak English and Japanese and I reside in Taipei city. Can I find doctors in Taiwan who can speak my language?
A: The Priority Care Center (PCC) is well-known for its English and Japanese speaking medical team. You will be able to communicate comfortably in English and Japanese with doctors, medical and customer service staff.

For making an appointment with our urologist, simply just call PCC at 02-2776-2654 or 02-2771-8151 ext: 2670-2672 Monday through Friday 8:00~12:00 and 13:00~17:00 or Sunday 8:00~12:00 (CLOSED ON SATURDAY AND HOLIDAYS).

Please note that all the services offered through PCC at Taiwan Adventist Hospital are self-paid. However, we have contracts with many international health insurance companies. If you have insurance, we suggest you confirm with your insurance company to see whether your package covers the expenses at our hospital.

Q Guidelines on Using Refill Slip for Chronic Illness Prescription
  1. To avoid running out of medicine, please be sure that you take your prescription to the clinic or hospital where you were originally diagnosed or a NHI-contracted pharmacy within 10 days of when your medication will run out to refill your prescription. You can have the prescription refilled further in advance before long holidays, such as the Chinese New Year holiday.
  2. If there is no a NHI-contracted pharmacy in your neighborhood or you cannot get back to the original health care institution that issued the prescription, you can have the prescription filled at other NHI-contracted hospitals or a community health center.
  3. If you plan to go abroad for over 2 months, work on a fishing vessel or international cruise vessel, or are a patient of a rare disease, present the related documents of proof or release in order to fill the total prescription amount for the chronic illness prescription. Total medication prescribed is limited to 90 days each time.
  4. If you suffer any discomfort while taking any of the prescribed medicines, you should quickly return to the clinic or hospital that treated you originally with your prescription and discuss the situation with your physician. You must remember to inform the doctor of the medications prescribed so that he or she will not unwittingly prescribe the same medications and threaten your safety.
  5. If you have lost your prescription refill slip, please return to the clinic or hospital that originally treated you for a new checkup. If you pick up the same prescription again after claiming medication, you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

( Please refer to the site of the National Health Insurance Administration. )

Urology Questions

Q I may need "extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy" for a kidney stone. I do not have insurance yet. Can you tell me how much I can expect to pay for lithotripsy?
A: Estimated cost for the procedure is around NT$60,000. Please note that this is only a rough estimate as patient's actual conditions may vary. The exact charges can't be confirmed till the final bill is generated upon discharge. However, prior to the procedure, it is a must to schedule an appointment with our urologist. The procedure won't be able to undergo without the medical order issued by our doctor.
Q Does your hospital perform vasectomy? What type of vasectomy procedure? Duration & charges for the procedure?
A: Yes, we do perform vasectomy. We perform no-scalpel vasectomy. It's an ambulatory procedure, which takes about 15 minutes. Please contact to our IHC coordinator, we will provide you the estimated charges for the whole surgical procedure, charges from anesthesia, materials, nursing fee, doctor’s surgical fee. Please note that this is only a rough estimate as patient's actual conditions may vary. The exact charges can't be confirmed till the final bill is generated.

Email: ihc@tahsda.org.tw

OBS & GYN Questions

Q How much does after care birth cost as my wife is Taiwanese and she is pregnant?
A: The charges for our Postpartum Nursing Home varied, which depends on the length of the stay. For detailed information, please call our Postpartum Nursing Home at (02) 2740-3410 or (02) 2771-8151 ext: 6600.
Q How can I make an appointment at Woman Climacteric Clinic for consultation? How much does it charge?
A: The Women Climacteric Clinic is available Monday to Thursday 09:00-12:00 & 14:00-17:00. No appointment is required for having consultation. You can simply just tell our personnel at the OBGYN counter that you want to have the consultation, they will arrange the appointment for you right away. FYI, the OBGYN counter is located on the second floor right on the left hand side of the escalator. The consultation is free.

Pediatric Questions

Q Can I get Rabia and Japanese Encephalitis vaccines at your hospital? My doctor in my country advised me the vaccines should be the same brand to be effective, so can I get the same brand from you?
A: It is possible to get Rabbia and Japanese Encephalitis vaccines in our hospital. You can get the prescription order from the doctor and get vaccine injections through a visit to our hospital. However, certain particular brands of the vaccines might not be available at our hospital. It is advisable to take the same brand of vaccines, but it is also acceptable to continue the second and/or third dose by using other brand.
Q Do you have the Prevna vaccine for the baby?
A: Yes, the Prevenar vaccine is available in our hospital. The working hours for Children Preventive Health Care Clinic is Monday through Friday 14:00~17:00.
Q I will be traveling to Taiwan shortly and I need to purchase some immunization for my child. Can we purchase them from you?
A: The vaccines for immunizations cannot be purchased without conducting check-up and evaluation in person by the physician. Also, our pharmacy does not accept the prescriptions that are not issued by in our hospital.

Dialysis Questions

Q I am a dialysis patient and I will be visiting Taipei soon. I will need dialysis treatments while I am in Taipei. What documents do you need to see in order to qualify for a dialysis treatment?
A: We will need the reports of your dialysis summary, which must includes HIV data, Anti-HCV & HVSAG-EIA. Please send the documents to ihc@tahsda.org.tw
Q What is the cost of a dialysis treatment?
A: Due to deferent condition, we suggest you contact to our IHC coordinator, we will provide you the estimated charges for the dialysis treatment and email to you.
Q Do you have specific times during the day when you give dialysis treatments?
A:We offer services Monday to Saturday. No services on Sunday. There are 3 shifts for dialysis treatment in our hospital, each shift is good for a four-hour dialysis session. They are:
  1. Morning Shift: 7:10~ 12:00
  2. Afternoon Shift: 12:00~ 17:00
  3. Evening Shift: 17:00~ 22:30
Q How do I make a dialysis treatment appointment with you?
A: Please note down your prefer date and time for the appointment on the documents you are going to provide us. Our personnel will schedule the time upon your request. In case the time you prefer is not available, they will definitely contact you to schedule for another time.

The Hemodialysis Center is located on the 10th floor of our hospital. Kindly be informed that we do not supply snacks or meals during the session. You are advised to take your early lunch before coming for the treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery Related Questions

Q I have had Botox before and I am interested in getting about 30 units for my lower eyes and forehead. How much the treatment would be?
A: We suggest you contact to our IHC coordinator, we will provide you the estimated charges for the dialysis treatment and email to you. Email: ihc@tahsda.org.tw
Q What kind of laser hair removal services do you provide? How long does the procedure take and what the charge of these services are?
A: Our Aesthetic Center provides 5 laser hair removal services including lower legs, upper legs, lower arms, under arms and bikini line. Due to deferent condition, We suggest you contact to our IHC coordinator, we will provide you the estimated charges. Email: ihc@tahsda.org.tw