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A New Choice of a Healthy Lifestyle – NEWSTART

The establishment of the NEWSTART program corresponds with the hospital’s mission to maintain public health. The courses primarily emphasize developing appropriate eating habits and lifestyles to prevent and treat chronic diseases. The NEWSTART program provides group learning courses for 6 days and 13 days package in each month. Furthermore, the NEWSTART social club was established to allow students to maintain contact for strengthen peer support among students.

Currently, the program provides a 3 day, 2 night Yuchi tour experience every month. During this tour experience, the center’s concepts of health and healthy eating habits are promoted. The location also provides a good weekend getaway experience for city dwellers. Our ultimate goal is to promote a healthy life and increased quality of life to middle-aged and elderly people, and to reduce the significant costs of health care for society.

NEWSTART courses:

  • Prevent and treat chronic disease course: 13 days
  • Health maintenance experience course: 6 days
  • Healthy Living Experience tours: 3 day-2 night

World Health Organization International Health Promoting Hospitals Network Member