Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Taiwan Adventist Hospital offers comprehensive care throughout pregnancy and childbirth. We thoroughly assist expectant mothers in understanding the pregnancy and birthing processes, and provide relative health education and consultation including on proper nutrition, infant care, and other important information.

Furthermore, we assist expectant mothers and their family members with additional knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, which increases their confidence in the delivery, and ultimately have a pleasant childbirth experience.

Service features:

  • Targeted level Ⅱ ultrasounds for fetal anatomical structural evaluation
  • 4-dimensional dynamic color ultrasound for fetal exams.
  • Prenatal consultations to enhance parent-child health education
  • Regular prenatal classes on various topics including couple health and mother and infant care, which provide prenatal and postnatal health information and tips for caring for infants.
  • Certified mother-child-friendly hospital
  • Additional obstetrical and gynecological-related procedures, examinations, and services

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