Reaccreditation with Commendation

Over 768 hospitals around the world have achieved the Gold Seal of Approval® as JCI-accredited(Joint Commission International)entities for continuing to improve the quality of medical service and to ensure the patient safety. In Jun, 29 to Jul, 3 2015, Taiwan Adventist Hospital went through the 5-day rigorous screening once again with lots human resource, capital, and devote a vast amount of time.

The reaccreditation is based on the fifth edition which require the hospital to comply with higher standards for patient safety. In the newest JCI standards, it declares the accreditation decision rules as: any measurable element in the IPSG (International Patient Safety Goals) is scored “not met” will place a hospital “At Risk for Denial of Accreditation.” To face such huge challenge; however, all staff stand together and follow the regulation as the hospital daily procedure to went through the rigorous evaluation from JCI accreditation headquarters.

As the hospital has long been focused on its high-quality healthcare, most care performance are been highlighted with “zero-fault” within 14 chapters of JCI accreditation standards for hospitals; furthermore, there are only 11 minor misses are been found in over thousands of standards. In addition, at the end of survey, as surveyors could sense the warmhearted and carefulness attitude from the staff, each of them express it will be a pleasure to return Taiwan Adventist hospital even as a client who are looking for healthcare services.

JCI assessment is not merely an accreditation but also as a commitment of quality and safety for establishing a new concept of health promoting hospital. Other than continually deliver professional health care service, Taiwan Adventist Hospital will also following the footstep of Jesus Christ in providing holistic care while facing all kind of challenge to achieve excellence quality standard. Under God’s blessing: Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. (Job 22:28) Taiwan Adventist Hospital shall continuing devote itself into the development of Taiwan healthcare industry for his people and in the name of God.