Making Appointments

NEWSTART Sport Center

The NEWSTART Sport Center covers an approximate area of 1000 m2, contains advanced sports equipment, and has professional trainers who can provide instructions. Unlike standard community gyms, this center offers classes that are designed for different population groups, such as prenatal spinning and prenatal yoga for pregnant women, workplace health promotion for organizations, classes for seniors, packages for students and local residents, therapeutic yoga for spine, classes for people with metabolic syndromes, and personal fitness training.

Furthermore, carefully designed group aerobic classes are provided every month, including LOHAS spinning, health yoga, pilates, muscle strengthening and sculpting, and aerobic exercise. We also collaborate with internationally recognized professional exercise systems Spining, and Yogafit to design diverse and abundant group classes. The NEWSTART Sport Center is the only institution in Taiwan that combines medical resources, nutritional consultation, and a professional training team. It offers comprehensive healthy exercising classes, which provides a variety of options for the public. The NEWSTART center constructs a new healthy lifestyle for participants and guides them to a healthy NEWSTART.

Service features:

  • Covers 1000 m2 and is luxuriously furnished
  • Features professional sports equipment and facilities
  • Medical-grade Sport Center
  • Instructions provided by professional and qualified trainers