What Patients Are Saying

Thank you, the nurse manager of the 5F OBGYN Unit and all the nurses for your conscious and compassionate care. The nurses provided us education on special attention in postpartum and postnatal care. They paid close attention in finding out if I had any allergies.

6F Pediatric Unit
Thank you for your attentive care by your staff and the nurse manager's frequent visit. The nurses were patient and attempted to ease the child's fear of IV infusion. Nursing staff showed positive cheerful personality.

7F Surgical Unit
During my hospitalization although I did not need a lot of nursing care, but I witnessed nurses were very busy yet never forget to check on me. Even though nurses were busy, they always were friendly, attentive and compassionate to me. I quietly cheered on the nurses and deeply appreciated their care, for even though while I was hospitalized, I felt like I was on vacation.

8F Med-Surg Unit
Li, Hung-Ying registered nurse, is a good nurse who is compassionate and patient. When my sister and I asked her questions, she always answered professionally and happily. In my personal opinion, she can really empathize with families. She treats patients like her own family. Thank you, Taiwan Adventist Hospital, for providing such a kind and professional nurse!

9F Medical Unit
TAH caring nurses, they made a suffering mother smile again; her mood has brightened, her appetite has greatly increased, and her immune system has improved. It's so good to have you at the Taiwan Adventist Hospital.

Labor and delivery Room
We are grateful for CN Liou her willingness to listen to the problems we encountered during the process of giving birth, for her empathetic care of mother, and her willingness to look at the problems from the family member point of view.

Chemotherapy Infusion Room
During the many chemotherapies at the hospital, the nurses carefully took care of me like an angel. I was deeply touched by this gesture. I didn't expect to experience such superb, five-star service in Taiwan Adventist Hospital.

Post-Partum Extended Care
I really feel that the Post-Partum center is great. All the nurses delivered excellent professional care and paid special attention to avoid post-partum blue. The health education curriculum here is also very useful, and it helped me break all the myth of post-natal care in the early days. I sincerely thank all the people for taking care of us.

Home Care
Registered nurse Zhong has unparalleled enthusiasm for her work, and even bears the heavy burden of what's expected by each family member. Even when family members repeated the same questions, she always offered a patient caring response. We will request her when caring for our relatives. I admire registered nurse Zhong's work ethic with sincere gratitude.

Thanks to registered nurse Kuo for taking care of my mother. Although my mother did not have the chance to thank you, she knew all that you had done for her. In addition to taking care of my mother, your encouragement and support to the family also gave the family courage. You made me understand the true meaning of 'angels in white’.

Emergency Room
Grandma went to the emergency department at your hospital for treatment due to a stroke. Dealing with stressed family members, nurses not only provided professional treatment for our peace of mind, but also a kind attitude and care! This is rare in the era of a broken health care system! I hope that the hospital will give these first-line staff members encouragement and rewards! Let them continue to work hard, I am humbly grateful!

Operating Room
I appreciate Dr. Chen, Jin-Sheng, Nurse Manager Lin, Shu-Hui, and registered nurses Chen, Yu-Yu and Tang, Pei-Wei. With their friendly attitude, professional surgical expertise, and careful explanation of postoperative care, they have eased many of my worries during the operation.

Dialysis Center
I always appreciate dialysis nurses were sensitive to pain, they were always very gentle and considerate when sticking a big needle to my shunt to start my dialysis. When I did not feel well or when my blood pressure is low, they will deal with it immediately. Dialysis nurses always explained results of my blood test reports and informed me if I have reached goals every month. Dialysis nurses consistently share my blood pressure result and double check my blood pressure when elevated and after dialysis. Recently I had chest pain and nurse immediately responded by taking me to the emergency unit by wheelchair. I was told I just had a heart attack and they arranged for cardiac catherization right away. The nurses' quick actions saved me from more suffering and saved my life. I felt very fortunate that I choose to have dialysis at Taiwan Adventist Hospital where the hospital has comprehensive medical services. I appreciate the quality and safe care delivered by the dialysis nurses.

Thumbs-up Card

Taiwan Adventist Hospital (TAH) created Thumb-up card as staff recognition process to include positive appreciation from patient/family, other services/department, and within own department etc. Thumbs-up Card is a hospital wide recognition program following the SHARE spirit service value. SHARE spirit is a service value concept developed by adopting principles of customer service from Disney Enterprise, Marriott hotel chain, and Nordstrom department store in the delivery of patient centered Christian spirit holistic care.

The thumbs-up card has the following choices to choose from in describing the positive feedback of the nurses:

  1. Sense People's Needs before they ask
  2. Help Each Other out
  3. Acknowledge People's Feelings
  4. Respect The Dignity and Privacy of Others
  5. Explain What is Happening

Thumbs-up card will be posted and openly shared within own nursing unit. At the end of the year, the Thumbs up card will be tallied to identify the nurses received most number of Thumbs-up cards and the nurse who received all five elements of share concept.