Nursing Innovation

Innovation is a new concept at TAH as result VP/CNO Hsu engaged with Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology to train nurses the process of innovation and patent. Thereafter, nurses were encouraged to participate in nursing innovation strategic plan. As result, an innovative team was generated in 2016. The innovation team became a subcommittee of professional development council. There were innovative products that received official patent right and awarded by national and international organizations.

Innovative inventions that participated in exhibitions

Year 2016 2017 2017 2018

Participating organization

Name of

Taiwan Union of Nurses Association Taipei Nurses Association 2017 Taipei International
Invention Show & Technomart
2018 Seoul International Invention Fair
Comprehensive Tube Fixation Device Invention patent No. I586390 Honorable mention Champion Bronze Silver
Lactation aid Invention patent No. M533992 Honorable mention - Silver Gold

【Comprehensive Tube Fixation Device】

【Lactation Aid】