Accommodations and Payment

Admission process: Individual needing to be admitted to the hospital should take the admission requisition issued by the physician to admission and registration desk, which is located on the ground floor ; for afterhours please go the emergency registration desk.

Items to bring

Relevant documents for admission: (1) patient's identification card; (2) National Health Insurance and/ or private insurance card (the hospital will keep this card when you are admitted and return to you when you leave); (3) Catastrophic illness card (paper copy); (4) other medical privilege identification documents (such as Taipei City medical subsidy ID card for children, tuberculosis handbook, and labor insurance occupational injury certificate); and (5) personal insurance card or guarantee letter.
Individuals with incomplete documents will be admitted under self-pay status. Documents must be presented within 3 days to change the patient's admission status.
Members qualify for disability of other privilege programs should present the relevant documents upon admission.
The wards provide thermos, gowns, bedding, and new toiletries (for purchase). Please do not remove any items, except for toiletries, from the wards.
Please do not bring valuables or money to the hospital. The hospital will not responsible for the loss of valuables.


To avoid disrupting patient treatment and prevent oxygen explosions, smoking and cooking in the ward and bathrooms are strictly prohibited.
If you noticed individuals smoking in the hospital, please inform nursing staff immediately.
To ensure a quiet environment in the ward and avoid disrupting other inpatients, please keep noise to a minimum.

Ward environment

Call bells: Each bed is provided a mounted call bell near the bed head. Should you require assistance from nursing staff, please press the call bell to speak with the nursing staff through the intercom. An emergency call bell is also mounted on the wall of every bathroom. Should you require assistance, pull the call bell to summon nursing staff.

Telephone: Every bed in double-occupancy wards or multiple-occupancy wards are equipped with a telephone. To dial out, press “0,” wait for a long dial tone, and then enter the number you wish to call. Charges will depend on the length of the phone call. To maintain a quiet environment, phone calls will not be transferred in the ward after 10 p.m.

Meal preparation room: Each level of the ward area has a meal preparation room (only used for reheating food).

Laundromat: Coin-operated washing machines and dryers are located on Levels 6, 7, and 9 of the building. To ensure a quiet environment, please do not operate the machines between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Meal services:
  1. To promote healthy and organic food, our hospital only provides vegetarian meals.
  2. We advise patients to follow the meal plans provided by the hospital to support their medical and drug treatment. According to the regulations of the Bureau of National Health Insurance, besides nasogastric tubefeeding, patients are responsible for the costs of meal services.
  3. Accompanying family and friends wishing to dine at the hospital should inquire and place orders at the nurse station. Alternatively, visitors can visit our staff cafeteria located on B1. Please direct inquiries regarding payment methods to the cafeteria staff. Vegetarian diet may be requested with nursing after checking diet order. In addition for foreign patients a menu will be provided for selection and further questions may request assistance from the hospital staff such as kitchen, International Priority Care Center or nursing department.
  4. Meal delivery: Breakfast 7:20 – 7:50 a.m.; Lunch 11:20 – 11:50 a.m.; Dinner 5:10 – 5:40 p.m.
  5. Please consume your meals within 30 min of delivery, and return the food trays to the trolley after meals. For hygiene reasons, please do not leave food trays in other places.
  6. If meals are not delivered in the times specified above, or when the meal content is incorrect, please inform the nursing staff for a replacement.

Application for temporary absence: Attending physician must approve and write an order to allow for temporary absent. Patients should report to the nurse station upon returning to the hospital. No outings are permitted between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Then the patient will need to sign a consent form to acknowledge hospital is not liable for any incidences occurred when absent from the hospital.

Discharge planning: Physicians will provide a discharge notification to the patient/family, an order will be written for the date of discharge → obtain your National Health Insurance IC card from the nurse station → make payment at the discharge counter on the ground floor → collect medication from the pharmacy on ground floor (with a stamped discharge note) → return the stamped discharge note to nurse station → return home.

On the day of discharge, please cooperate with the hospital's policies and  leave the hospital before 12 o'clock noon to facilitate the admission of other patients and avoid extra charges.

Payment methods

Debit card transfers (payments can be processed at the discharge counter on the ground floor using ATM cards from any financial institutions or post office)

Document application

Hospital admission certificate: Please request a hospital admission certificate from the ward clerk prior to discharge. Bring the hospital admission certificate provided by the physician and the discharge notification to the discharge counter to apply for the formal document. Application after discharge should be made through the outpatient registration center.

Birth certificate: Apply for birth certificates at the counter located on B2 of the Health Management Center, with the identification cards of both parents.

Catastrophic illness certificate: The physician first determines whether the diagnosis is considered a catastrophic illness, and then prescribes a catastrophic illness certificate accordingly. Take the certificate to the cashier, complete the payment, and have the certificate stamped. The admission counter is authorized to apply for a certificate on patients' behalf. Alternatively, patients can apply in person at the counter of the Joint Services Center, Bureau of National Health Insurance Taipei Branch (Gongyuan Road).

Admission services inquiry phone number:+886-2-2781-6815 or +886-2-2771-8151 ext. 2845、2846、2847

Admission counter fax number:+886-2-2711-5802